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Geobiology is a “modern” science developed at the beginning of the 1900s by French researcher and scholar Louis Turenne who perfected investigation methods for identifying radiation or radiation coming from underground.

Geobiology is based on concepts that have already been used in ancient times for “healthy living”, some examples include: Feng-Shui from China, anthropomorphic villages of the Dogu in Mali, the Vastu of Indian culture. In the mid 20th century, E. Hartmann of the University of Heidelberg (Germany) was one of the first researchers to take a scientific interest in the effect of telluric, electromagnetic, ionising waves on the human body and mind, and more generally on living beings (animals, plants, etc, etc).

Hartmann imagined there was a network of radiation (H lines) i.e. an imaginary network around the entire planet with a centre distance of approximately 2 m running east-west, and 2.5 m running north-south; this network forms the base of an invisible wall that extends from the biosphere to the stratosphere. He also observed that between this network composed of lines with a width varying between 20 and 70 cm approximately, at full moon, there is a “free”, neutral zone where these waves are deleted, however, where the lines intersect, at these “nodes”  therefore, the effect of the waves multiplies, so much so that Dr. Hartmann uses the term “cancer points”. The structure of the Hartmann Lines can change if there are subterranean rivers, metal masses, geological anomalies, etc etc.


It must be said that the effect of geopathogenic waves on man  varies based on the sensitivity of each individual to the specific band on the spectrum of the waves. The official scientific study, published in Vienna in 1990 by Dr. Otto Bergsmann, who, regardless of his initial scepticism towards geobiology, proved that the “nodes” where harmful due to the alteration of two blood parameters that are essential to human life: VES and serotonin. It has also been proven that when we sleep the effects of the Hartmann line intersections on man are much more harmful because we are much more vulnerable when we are sleeping.