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Nowadays, the topic of “electrosmog”, applying the common use of the term, means an invisible form of pollution due to a high concentration of electromagnetic waves.

The electromagnetic wave is a form of energy propagation in space. On Earth there is a natural electromagnetic base generated by the earth itself, by the sun, by the stars and by particular weather conditions (such as lightning during storms).

Man is now used to these sources of electromagnetism, nonetheless, in recent years the growing use of electrical appliances and the very rapid evolution of the telecommunications system has caught the attention of the public and the press concerning the electromagnetic fields produced by these devices.

In particular, the explosion of the cell phone phenomena has created alarm and preoccupation among the general public, who wants answers about the possible health risks and has turned to the Public Authorities (ARPAV, the Health Care services and the Municipal government) asking for information on controls and transparency on choices.

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