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Correct sleeping posture

Choosing the right bed is essential for allowing your back to rest correctly. Generally a bed is composed of a base (slats), an element to rest on (mattress)  and a pillow (cushion). It is essential that all of these elements are good quality and allow the rigidity of the various zones to be customised.

Avoid the use of soft mattresses that increase  pressure on intervertebral discs and strain on the back muscles, which have the task of maintaining the stability of the spine. On the other hand, it is also necessary to avoid mattresses that are too hard as the resulting muscle compression of the rachis can obstruct free blood circulation, setting the vertebrae in an unnatural position. Therefore, use moderately hard mattresses with differentiated areas.

The pillow must be proportionate to the measurements of the cervical spine, therefore with a height and consistency that offer maximum support to the head and maintain the natural curve of the cervical spine. Individuals with severe kyphosis are advised to use quite a thick pillow, to prevent the head from remaining extended.