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Bed Hygiene

Our skin spends one third of its life sleeping, therefore in contact with the components of our bed. It is common knowledge that traditional mattresses, after a short amount of time, become the undisturbed world of dust mites, bacteria, fungi and mould, all elements that proliferate in warm and damp environments and generate considerable discomfort to man, and especially young children.

One study confirms that more than 98% of mattresses (including babies’ mattresses) are dirty and contain mite excrement. Anyone who wakes up with red, tearing eyes, swollen eyelids and itching, runny nose, coughing, difficulty breathing and skin breakouts is, probably, having a reaction to the allergen contained in household dust mite secretions. The prevalence of allergies to dust mites affects 5-7% of the population. To prevent this problem it is advisable to avoid heavy rugs and drapes and use mite-proof bedding.