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Nowadays, the topic of “electrosmog”, applying the common use of the term, means an invisible form of pollution due to a high concentration of electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic wave is a form of energy propagation in space. On Earth there is a natural electromagnetic base generated by the earth itself, by the sun, by the […]

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Correct sleeping posture

Choosing the right bed is essential for allowing your back to rest correctly. Generally a bed is composed of a base (slats), an element to rest on (mattress)  and a pillow (cushion). It is essential that all of these elements are good quality and allow the rigidity of the various zones to be customised. Avoid […]

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Bed Hygiene

Our skin spends one third of its life sleeping, therefore in contact with the components of our bed. It is common knowledge that traditional mattresses, after a short amount of time, become the undisturbed world of dust mites, bacteria, fungi and mould, all elements that proliferate in warm and damp environments and generate considerable discomfort […]

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Geobiology is a “modern” science developed at the beginning of the 1900s by French researcher and scholar Louis Turenne who perfected investigation methods for identifying radiation or radiation coming from underground. Geobiology is based on concepts that have already been used in ancient times for “healthy living”, some examples include: Feng-Shui from China, anthropomorphic villages […]

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Stable field magnetotherapy has been known since ancient times, in fact, the works of Pliny and  Aristotle refer to the therapeutic action of magnets.   Even the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Jews, and many others, were familiar with the therapeutic effect of natural magnets, having created amulets with a magnetic material that they wore as […]

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