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LED SpA is a company specialised in designing and manufacturing electronic medical devices.

All of the activities are carried out in their laboratories, covering an area of 3500 sqm.

90% of the staff employed at LED SpA has a higher education and vast experience.

The designed devices that are currently in production include:

High frequency electrosurgical devices including models that are capable of delivering an output power between 50W and 400W for monopolar and bipolar applications, simultaneous or alternative delivery channels, and continuous or timed power emission.

Medical  devices for electro-physical therapy, including  generators of low and medium frequency currents, ultrasounds, pulsed magnetic fields, laser light, etc.

Electro stimulating, press-lymphatic draining, electro-lipolytic, ultrasound lipoclasia devices etc for aesthetic medicine.

Devices for the beauty industry suitable for hair removal, aesthetic body contouring, etc.

An extensive management and support IT network is used in all of the activities with the aim of making them highly reproducible, reliable and safe.

The activity of designing and industrialising electronic circuits, including both hardware and software, carried out with the use of CAD and CAE. The design phase is based on the most select, up-to-date and quality elements, ensured through strict qualification of the parts and their suppliers. The electronic circuits are designed to be manufactured with surface-mount components, which, assembled with automatic machines, provide maximum reliability combined with contained production costs.

Each production batch is subject to numerous levels of controls and testing, including acceptance testing on the employed parts, intermediate testing and three consecutive final tests:  operation testing, acceptance testing and quality testing.

In addition to designing, producing and selling its own brand of electronic medical devices, LED SpA aims to serve other organisations by designing and producing, fully or partially, devices with specifications provided by the contracting companies, and also contributes to the definition of said specifications by offering its experience.

National Electric and Electronic Device Manufacturer’s Register Number: IT08020000001873

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