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Testimonials 20/11/2014

Good morning, my name is Matteo and I would like to thank MB International for having resolved numerous health problems in my family. For both my severe case of back and cervical spine pain, and my wife’s circulation and osteoporosis issues. Finally, my children are sleeping soundly, through the use of your shielding solutions that […]

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Testimonials 19/11/2014

MB International, I would like to thank your company because since I started using magnetotherapy and your devices, my life has changed. The constant pain in my cervical spine, which I was experiencing every morning but mainly at night, has been drastically reduced, while my husband, who suffers from backache because of his work, sleeps […]

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Testimonilas 07/11/2014

MB International, I am writing to let you know that my husband’s back pains have disappeared after 3 months of treatment. Before he was taking pain relief medication and injections. With the magnetotherapy he hasn’t had severe back pain in months. I would like to thank you on behalf of my entire family, myself included. […]

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Testimonials 05/11/2014

I thank MB International for how quickly the shielding and magnetotherapy kit was delivered, which helped me resolve my issues with backaches and headaches. Giada

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Testimonials 14/09/2014

I thank MB International because their products and devices have considerably sped up the rehabilitation of my knee. In a short amount of time the pain has passed and I can finally walk easily. Mariano

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Testimonials 18/06/2013

I have been using the magnetotherapy with the biodevice for a week now, and I have already resolved most of my aches and pains, and I am resting much better!!! Francesca

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Testimonials 12/06/2013

I thank MB International for the results I have achieved through the use of the shielding biodevice and magnetotherapy, alleviating the pain of the backache that I had been experiencing for a long time; also, I always wake up well-rested thanks to the biodevice. Federico

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Testimonials 11/06/2013

Good day to everyone, my name is Danilo M. from Riese Pio X°. On 24/09/2012, at a presentation held at a local sports centre, I bought 2 Best Life shielding Biodevices with high aloe shielding pillows and a magnetotherapy device. We already knew that these products were on the market, the opportunity persuaded us to […]

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Testimonials 11/05/2013

I would like to thank MB International for the purchase I made during the presentation of their medical devices at the AVIS association. I am grateful for the results on myself, my husband and our children thanks to the electromagnetic field shielding and the benefits of  the magnetotherapy, the pain in my cervical spine has […]

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