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About Us

MB International is a company with over 25 years of experience, operating in the innovation sector on aspects pertaining to rest, sleep and health.

From the beginning, the aim of MB International has been to identify and resolve issues that can alter our wellness and our mental and physical state. In fact, stress and environmental situations can actually be considered as undermining to the human body, which requires increasingly better quality methods to recuperate and relax, especially in a hyperactive society such as ours.

This is why our company, in collaboration with doctors and specialised technicians, has decided to study the “home environment” extensively, to find all of the issues that interfere with our wellness and come up with helpful, functional and effective solutions.

A healthy lifestyle, a correct, organic and balanced diet can help, however, problems such as magnetic waves, electric fields and geopathogenic waves must not be underestimated, as they also have profound effects on our health:  backache, insomnia, lack of appetite and inflammation of the cervical spine are only some of the problems that can arise.

MB International now offers a broad range of instruments and products designed to considerably improve  wellness and moments of rest. Maximum safety, high quality and concrete results, so that body and spirit can finally regenerate and face each new day with greater zeal and energy.